About NICE

NICE is a non-government and not-for-profit organization established in 2015 with the composition of a team of dynamic and professional young development leaders. This organization is dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome illiteracy, poverty and injustice in Nepal by building capacity on education and economic empowerment.

Educational support to schools
- Capacity enhancement of school children by facilitating extracurricular activities
- Capacity Building Activities: Training, Workshops, Conference and Outdoor Camps


For every Nepali has the opportunity to enjoy fullest of his/her life by knowing potential and participating in and contributing to every aspects of life.


To improve social status of the vulnerable Nepalese people through mobilization of volunteers and participation from schools, communities, governments and non-governmental organizations.



Our activities are taking place in schools around the Kathmandu valley, let us contribute joining hands to improve learning capacity of school girls.

Lit Clubs: Her Story Initiative

Girls’ voices are silenced when they cannot read, write, or feel free to tell their stories.

Educational Support to Schools

Our voice for our development

Capacity building

7 strengths are our key for development